Many organizations today choose to have their IT as a business area. With our extensive experience in technical ecosystems, we can help you meet today's needs for innovative and efficient IT.


At Serve by Sigma, we’re independent IT specialists. We combine this with consulting services and managerial services 24/7, as well as support – all based on an industrialized operating model. 

Industries and companies differ, but there is a high probability that we have faced the challenges that you’re facing right now. By lowering existing costs and supplying resources for agile development and innovation, we can help to bring your business into the digital age.


The whole world is affected by the spread of the Corona virus. Of course, we follow the development and act on the basis of the information and guidelines provided by the authorities, the government and WHO, both in Sweden and other countries where we operate. Our focus is on the well-being and health of our employees and on preventing the spread of the virus in our society.

A core team of specialists

A core team gives you access to a dedicated group of specialists who are well versed in your IT operations. The group works closely with your systems and developer teams. This is to enable us to create the best solutions when it comes to the development and production of applications, databases and storage.

By putting together Sigma's team with your development team, a DevOps cohort is formed. This creates the conditions for the rapid agile cycles, with collaboration between development and IT operations.

Benefit from an environment where you can build, test and launch often, quickly and reliably.

Operationally managed IT for mitigating risk and downtime

We understand the value of a flexible IT solution that follows the needs and requirements of the business over time. By focusing on the user, we deliver secure IT operations from our data centres or via the cloud to your users and customers.

If something in your business’ flow were to stop, we are there to fix it. Operationally managed IT is the solution for business-critical systems. A system failure involves high costs, and this applies to both your business and your employees. We monitor your systems, flows and units around the clock, in order to quickly adjust any malfunctions.

In close cooperation with you, IT operations are also developed based on evolving business requirements.

Naturally, we aim to quickly adapt and benefit from new technology or solutions that add value to business. To continuously refine the content of the delivery, is for us a flexible IT delivery.

Increase your business benefit with the cloud

There has been rapid developments within cloud services and today the use of cloud services is widespread among organizations and companies.

Cloud services allow you to switch from the traditional way of buying and consuming packaged IT solutions, to instead buying it in the form of services. It gives you and your company flexibility which in turn leads to increased business benefits. Sigma's services ensure that you have a continuously secure cloud service that is adaptable to your varying needs and requirements.

The right cloud service, at the right time and at the right cost.


At Sigma, we deliver a full-service IT environment where we can set up infrastructure, such as networks, servers and databases. We also have ready-made application platforms in an IT infrastructure environment, for users to install their own applications for development, testing and production in.

Add your data to the public or private cloud for cost efficiency. You can also use the overall flexibility of a hybrid solution.

We help you develop a strategy for your infrastructure – and of course, how you best use the new technology.

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